To design a Linux Distro based on a platform to achieve certain requirements. The proposal focuses on building such as Distro.
The distro will be based on Meilix (lubuntu). It will have certain features, especially for events. The distro will be user-friendly, light weight with LXQt desktop.

  • The overall idea is to write scripts, metapackage, implement meilix systemlock for each custom distro(events, hotels) that we need using deb.
  • To create a community version of lubuntu using new technology as LXQt.
  • Then a web UI for easy access for one to build a new distro and customize the old one and build process that can be triggered through the web.
  • User can provide custom input to the webapp like wallpaper, event name and email.
  • An ISO will be generated and a link of the ISO will be mail to the user within 10-12 minutes.
  • Each work documentation with screenshot and videos which enable one to learn and work in their own desirable environment.



Tarun Kumar (sucode)


  • Hon Nguyen
  • Andreas Tille
  • Truc Le
  • AndrĂ© Rebentisch
  • Nicco Kunzmann
  • Yao Wei
  • Mario Behling
  • Ko Ko Ye`