GitMate for all!

This time with user configurable plugins!

About the product

GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket support webhooks for common events like opening/closing/commenting on Merge Requests, creating Issues, etc. These webhooks could be configured for automated response using their own API's for comments, tests/integrations, etc. GitMate merely acts as a tunnel for these events and responds accordingly. The interface for these API's is held by its wrapper library, IGitt.

Aim of the project

This project is aimed at extending the support for GitMate to GitLab and BitBucket repositories. This adds up to unified and automated code analysis and maintenance on the big three code hosting platforms.


This project consists of implementing GitLab and BitBucket interfaces in IGitt, following the already implemented GitHub's convention, while simultaneously creating webhook responders and tasks for the same on gitmate-2.

Extending plugins is quite easy on gitmate-2 following gitmate_testplugin as an example, thanks to its plugin-based architecture.



Naveen Kumar Sangi


  • Lasse Schuirmann
  • fneu