CBS Tools are specialized Java-based image processing tools for ultra-high field MRI data. Making this potent software more easily accessible to researchers will accelerate progress in the promising field of high-resolution neuroimaging. The goal of my project is therefore to make CBS Tools available through Nipy, a popular “community of practice devoted to the use of the Python programming language in the analysis of neuroimaging data”. First steps have been made to encapsulate CBS Tools’ Java classes using the JCC package, enabling access through Python. Within the Google Summer of Code I would like to take this further and provide easy-to-use and well-documented Python interfaces for the core modules of CBS Tools. Since rapid advances in the dynamic field of high-resolution neuroimaging are to be expected, another focus of my proposal is to facilitate future contribution of other researchers. My three main objectives are (1) to provide straightforward installation routines for different platforms, (2) to create Nipype interfaces for the core modules and (3) to make the code accessible through documentation and realistic examples.



Julia Huntenburg


  • Pierre-Louis Bazin
  • Chris Steele