PSLab is a new addition to FOSSASIA Science Lab. This tiny pocket lab provides an array of necessary equipments for doing science and engineering experiments.

It can help enthusiastic and teachers with providing features like

  • Oscilloscope
  • Waveform Generator
  • Frequency Counter
  • Programmable Voltage Source
  • Current Source
  • Data Logger

The control and measurement functions are written in Python programming language. Now they are being implemented as an Android application. The existing firmware and hardware functionalities also require upgrades and brush ups. I'm going to help with those! :)

PSLab is interfaced and powered by USB port of the computer!





  • Lorenz Gerber
  • Kiwi
  • Praveen Patil (Gnovi)
  • Darin Lobo
  • Ansgar Schmidt
  • Wan Leung Wong
  • Greg Austic
  • Mitch Altman
  • Shams Jaber
  • Mario Behling
  • Haggen So
  • Kirstin Heidler