The Shogun Toolbox is a well-established machine learning project that provides efficient algorithms implementations that can be used in a wide range of applications and with multi-language support (thanks to SWIG magic). Unfortunately, since it was built by many hands for many years, its code has become not easily maintainable or extendable and it does not use many new programming techniques and components that have appeared since the Shogun foundation. The time has come to blow some fresh air (and some new fresh code) into Shogun's depths. This project aims to correct and update the codebase and to complete the integration of many new features that will make it more modular and easy to use. My efforts will be focused on: integrate the new Tags and serialization frameworks, substitute old-style macros with brand new C++11 smart pointers, enable premature stopping of ML algorithm and, last but not least, implement a useful (and beautiful) progress bar to show a visual representation of algorithm’s execution.


Giovanni De Toni


  • lambday
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