Fineract version 1.0 was based on the client server architecture. Now Mifos is moving one step forward and is going to releasing Gen 3/Fineract Version 2.0 which is based upon the cloud-native architecture for digital financial services.

Fineract 2.0 evolved from the Fineract 1.0. Now Fineract 2.0 backend API structure is totally changed with great enhancement and is massively scalable and easily adaptable.

I will design an android application on top of fineract 2.0 that will add many exciting features. MVP architecture with Dagger 2, Rxjava, Retrofit 2 etc. Code Quality plugins Findbugs, PMD, CheckStyle. User Login with Multiple account (Using Basic Auth and OAuth2). User Profile with Edit option. Client List. New client onboarding (including additional user-defined data). Viewing of client details. Loan and savings origination - opening, approving, and disbursing applications Dashboard screen with advance search. Synchronizing client data so field officers can collect repayments, view data, and onboard new clients while offline and synchronize when the return with a connection. Unit testing and Instrumentation Testing. Documentation etc.


Rajan Maurya


  • Markus Geiss