The proposal is on implementing the SCIM 2.0 compliance test suite which can be run on both the cloud and on premise by eliminating the limitations that can be seen in SCIM 1.1 compliance test suite. In the proposed test suite, it is expected to validate the supportability of a provided service provider, in terms of the SCIM 2.0 core specification and protocol specification.

The test suite should be able to generate a detailed analysis view and comprehensive report upon providing the server’s SCIM endpoint. The report should include the test results indicating the coverage percentage of each specification and a detailed view of the results of each test including requests sent by the test suite, expected response and the server response along with the indication whether a particular test is passed or not.

Apart from that the test suite should be run against WSO2 Identity Server to identify any gaps between the SCIM 2.0 specifications and Identity Server and provide improvements to the product.



Vindula Jayawardana


  • Gayan Gunawardana
  • Omindu
  • Darshana Gunawardana