The 21st century ushered with it the age of smart and predictive technology with the optimum use of resources to make life easier. In accordance with this trend, the proposal is to leverage machine learning algorithms for improved traffic avoidance, determine the energy consumption of the electric vehicles, simulation of driving, visualisation of the route taken by a car, route prediction and providing a smart notification system. The Fuel_prediction module has functionalities including predicting the energy consumption, the amount of CO2 that is saved from being emitted to the environment and the recharge time required for the journey. The Route_option module focuses on leveraging human knowledge to get the best route for traffic avoidance. The Trajectory module shows the visualization of the route a car takes. The Route_predictor helps to predict the route that the car will take based on the previous history. The Driving_simulator module is a simulator for vehicles to learn how to drive themselves. The Smart_notifcation module helps in filtering the notifications in order to avoid spamming the user.



Saumya Suvarna


  • Fabian Bormann
  • Janis Feye