With the growing popularity of BitCoin in the last couple of years, other blockchains have been in development for solving various problems that need distributed consensus. Ethereum blockchain is one example, that gives users to develop "smart contracts" that runs in the blockchain. This gives the ability to develop decentralized applications (or dApps).

This framework has given many developers to write a decentralized application without much effort, without needing distributed systems or cryptography knowledge. Unfortunately, because the technology being used is bleeding edge it is inevitable that attacks or hacks will target these apps for monetary reasons. Because of the immutability property of Ethereum after publishing even if developers identify a critical bug in the contract it is not possible to correct it.

Thus, in order to fill the gap of not having a proper 'smart contract' compatible monitoring service, we propose to build a web application that can monitor other smart contracts in Ethereum and give the capability to safeguard its critical functions (Ether send and receive) and interact and visualize with smart contract functions in a much simpler way.


Tharidu Fernando


  • Keshan Sodimana
  • Dulini Atapattu