This mobile app will be used to tell user about CO2 emission during user’s activity . This app will find the type of activity and distance travelled . Based on activity type and distance travelled by user , CO2 emission will be measured by using same formula used in existing browser extensions . This measurement will be real time , i.e. , user will be notified about CO2 emission at same time while he/she is travelling . This app will also contain Google Map to show user about his/her source and destination which will help user in navigating the path ( Having less CO2 emission) along with current information about CO2 emission .

Platform Used - This mobile app will be developed as a Hybrid app . For Hybrid app development , React Native framework will be used along with Scala.js to make it cross-platform and easy to develop and maintain .

Functionalities provided by Mobile app -

  1. Google account authentication
  2. Google Map showing path (having less CO2 emission) between source and destination
  3. Details about CO2 emission and its calculation
  4. Other features like 'learn more about Carbon Footprint' , 'set CO2 emission rate of user’s vehicle' , 'logout' etc.


Anuj Gupta


  • Prateek Gupta
  • Kolya Opahle
  • Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo
  • Daniyar Itegulov
  • Chirag Arora