I got to know about Octave last year only when I started Machine Learning course of Andrew Ng online. Till then , I only knew abut Matlab. But when I first used Octave, I found that it can do almost everything which Matlab can (as far as I have used).I was pretty happy to know that there is such a free open source software, so when I found a project in this year's GSoC on Octave, I was pretty interested to contribute to the project and make Octave more better, as far as I can. In this task, there is something which will help me use geometrical skills as well as development skills. That''s why I have chosen this project.I read about the Clipper Library which is to be used for this project. I wrote a function for Union of two Polygons for Octave by using Clipper Library. It was written in C++. All in all, I am pretty excited and looking forward to this project.





  • Juan Pablo Carbajal