The open metaData Markup Language (odML), is a standard and organized format for recording, maintaining, and exchanging metadata in an automated fashion. It’s core principle is the simple, yet highly effective idea of successful collaboration by making the complete set of metadata available with the experiment or project data. This approach of storing the metadata in a standardized way for further experimentation and analysis of the results and observations, ensures the accessibility and reusability of the experimental data. It can save us hours of searching and reconstruction of parameters and conditions for performing an experimentation or analysis, sometime in the future. The main goals of this project in GSoC 17 are :-

  • Define an interface for the odML library that is totally independent of the GUI.
  • The whole GUI-related codebase should be made Python 3.x compliant.

In this proposal, I've given my approach towards completing goals, with a detailed description of each process, along with the timeline.



Shubham Dighe


  • Jan Grewe
  • Achilleas Koutsou
  • Michael Sonntag