P2PSP.org is a nonprofit organization that develops the P2PSP protocol, an application layer protocol designed for the real-time streaming of multimedia content over the Internet. I would like to contribute to the idea of Virtual Room this summers and be a part of the community. Recently I have been involved with a lot of real time applications .The hidden motivation behind choosing this project is mainly due to an application I recently developed, Latch for a hackathon. It is a Location based chat application, using Django as the primary backend server and Node.js for real time data handling. I already had an idea of developing a similar video based application which introduced me to WebRTC. I saw this project of Virtual Room in P2PSP, and the idea of an open source real time video streaming application fascinated me a lot. I believe that it could be very useful and can create an impact on the community.



Amritanshu Jain


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  • Leocadio Gonzalez Casado