Mifos (Fineract) has a documented REST API already. It currently has two limitations: It's source is simply a HTML file that is maintained manually in parallel to the source code which actually defines the REST API, and therefore can be out of sync and it's not "live" The goal of this project is address this by using Swagger (now Open API Initiative OAI), most probably combined with SpringFox in for Mifos (Fineract), and replace the current apiLive.htm. Once the Swagger live documentation is working it would be interesting to use the Swagger descriptor to generate client libraries (e. g. Java, Angular2). Nice to have optional add-on ideas for the end of the project is to add a paragraph to this new REST API Doc explaining how to easily import the (latest) Mifos Swagger into Postman, and perhaps add a Run in Postman button


Sanyam Goel


  • Edward Cable-1