EditEngine still uses a legacy StarOffice format with SfxItemPool binary serialization for copy/paste operations. This is a maintainability problem and the only user of SfxItemPool serialization outside of the table auto-formats. This should be replaced by using the ODF filter (xmloff) for copy/paste operations. The legacy format is used if we edit inside some text in Draw/Impress/Calc and copy a selection to the clipboard.

The project involves modifying various modules like editeng, xmloff, svl, sfx, dtrans and applications like Draw/Impress/Calc to accommodate clipboard changes. Proper text selection needs to be handled before sending the data to the export filter. New comprehensive unit tests are also required to prevent regressions. This project will make LibreOffice better and more efficient.



Varun Dhall


  • Michael Stahl
  • erAck