I would like to enhance this project and like to develop an all in one photo app. Where user can directly share his/her image on different accounts in one go. Image editing options were also in the app. In other words an open source alternative to Instagram. Enhancing the FOSSAsia PhimpMe to add new functionalities like

  • Added the core feature of uploading images to different connected accounts such as facebook, twitter, nextcloud etc.
  • Added support for some self hosted blog such as Wordpress, Drupal.
  • Separate uploading work on services. Notify upload progress on notification, functionality to restart uploading if fails.
  • Re organizing the codebase by following MVP architecture in android.
  • Increase the code coverage.
  • Enhancing the general UI/UX of the app.



Pawan Pal


  • Hon Nguyen
  • Victoria Purynova
  • Hong Phuc Dang
  • Harshit D (the-dagger)
  • Mario Behling
  • Eden Dang
  • Sudheesh Singanamalla