In GSoC 2016, search functionality in GNOME Logs was improved in many ways. Now, further work to be done in GNOME Logs includes seamless integration with other GNOME applications like GNOME Shell and improve the robustness of GNOME Logs by writing a complete test suite. The ultimate goal of my proposal includes implementing the following mentioned features:

1) To improve the existing search back end in GNOME Logs. 2) To add an option to traverse the systemd journal in a reverse direction in a given boot 3) To implement log entries compression for multiple redundant journal entries in the UI 4) To write a complete test suite for the same so that implemented functionality is validated accordingly. 5) To write a shell search provider module for GNOME Logs which can expose search results to GNOME Shell.



Pranav Ganorkar


  • Jonathan Kang
  • David King