Web services became a necessity in today’s web development world. It helps add other dimensions to the power of websites for example: a new website can sell their articles for other developers as APIs, also they can use Joomla! API to build a mobile application for their news and articles to help them reach more audiences. As Joomla is one of the most famous CMSs in the world, with millions of websites that use it, It would be great that Joomla have the capability to provide APIs for websites owners.

This project is to provide a REST interface for Joomla 4. As discussed by the mentors, it would be a stand alone web app that integrates with Joomla CMS extensions. This app will be built using Joomla! Framework as it’s a tool developed and managed by Joomla team and also Joomla 4 is coming with it.

I’m thinking of the app as two parts, request and response handling. The request will be routed by the app router to reach the corresponding components and retrieve the data related to the user’s request. The response is when the component receives the request from the router, it will run its logic to respond to that request and then serialize the response to follow the REST specifications.



Mohamed Karam


  • George Wilson
  • Anibal Sanchez
  • Michael Babker
  • Matías Aguirre