Krita is a professional free and open source painting program. The Krita's tools and features are focused on digital painting, concept art, illustration and texturing.

Some steps of working in software for digital painting can be repetitive and consequently boring, like exporting a painting, configuration of the document’s properties, applying filters and a set of other tasks. An approach to solve this problem can be to make it scriptable. Making a software scriptable is expose an API for the users and offer some way to execute your own code.

Python is the Krita’s script language and the standard language in the VFX industry, but we are talking about artists that in your majority don’t code. My proposal is focused in solve this problem working together with the Krita’s community to implement a set of scripts and plugins in python, to attending your needs about this repetitive and boring tasks.



Eliakin Costa


  • Boudewijn
  • Wolthera