ChemClipse is a solution developed under The Eclipse Foundation to explore and visualize analytical data of Chemistry from more than one source applications. R programming language is mostly used by researchers for statistical and analytical applications. It leverages systems not only by providing statistical tests and models but also by strengthening with methods to manage and manipulate large amount of information. ChemClipse will benefit with this capability.

During Google Summer of Code-2017, I intend to systematically introduce fundamental R capabilities to ChemClipse. My plan is to utilize RJ open source library and provide interactive console as well as scripting windows for users. I am going to additionally support it by building a prototype of GUI, for users with non-programming skills, which will be based on the pipeline laid out for interactive console window.

The users will require programming skills in R language for using interactive console. This risk can be mitigated by extending console functionalities and enhancing prototype of GUI. Thus, users not having programming skills can also benefit.



Hitesh Gaur


  • Philip Wenig