The aim of this project is to implement a backend for museums & exhibits that utilizes Physical Web technology. The backend will allow visitors to access information about exhibit pieces without the need to install any apps. Physically, this will be accomplished using Eddystone beacons located near each piece. We focus on developing the software used with the beacons.

To achieve this, we will create an Android App that allows museum curators to configure Physical Web beacons they want to deploy and upload the content that will be served. The app will support combinations of text, images, audio and video - it will use Google Drive for its storage backend. The app will also allow the curators to create a map of the exhibition & beacons - also stored on Drive.

Once activated, the beacons will direct visitors to the URI of a webapp that we will also develop. The webapp will run on a server that connects to the Google Drive folder created by the Android app. This webapp, run on the museum’s servers, will use the map along with Web Bluetooth technology to learn the user’s location (by listing nearby beacons and their signal strength) and display to the user the content most relevant.



Mohammad Kayali


  • Andres Ibanez
  • Jorge Carballo
  • Fran cabrera