Mobile Application Control Center (MACC), Peace Corps GSoC project, is a web application helpful for Peace Corps Volunteers to handle data for Malaria and FirstAide applications. It uses Python’s framework Django to handle the backend while bootstrap aides the frontend mechanism. The web application has the basic build up that includes interfaces for posts and contact information for both the aforesaid applications. The signup, login, post creating and editing pages have been given a decent makeup to start with. However, the code really needs a brush up as it is built using Django 1.6.5, having a somewhat messy structure that needs to be optimized and its user interface is lacking interesting features. One of the major motives of my GSoC would be to improve the existing code, to complete the things that are almost complete and to bring a sound and cogent change in the User Interface. Also, the new features I am adding aren't completely new, they are commonly used features only. By the end of GSoC, I want MACC to be production ready and available to use for a wider majority of people who can rely on its generic view to aide their own applications control.


Gunpreet Ahuja


  • Beiyu Lin
  • Angel Tian
  • Medha Chakravarthula