Addition of required Javadoc comments and refactoring variable names, methods and some classes in the loklakj_lib​, so that it can be published in the Maven ​repository, MavenCentral. Adding loklak API endpoints that are not currently implemented in loklakj_lib. Implementing static methods for generating ​oauth_nonce and ​oauth_signature ​in both loklakj_lib and ​loklak_python_api​.

Replacing’s applet with auto-scrolling RecyclerView and ListView in the loklak_wok_android​ app and ​loklak_wok_desktop​ app respectively. Adding the following features to both apps:

  1. Search tweets using Loklak
  2. Post tweet using LoklakWok
  3. Push the posted tweet to Loklak server

The GUI library for desktop app will be​ PyQt5​. The above listed app features can be implemented for desktop app using loklak_python_api. Desktop app will be either a new project (new repo) or the same repository (removing the current code), depends on mentor’s decision.



Siddhant Kumar Patel


  • Mario Behling
  • Damini Satya
  • Michael Christen
  • Sudheesh Singanamalla
  • Manan Wason