This project aims at making Sugar run perfectly on the Raspberry Pi like it does on the XO laptops and to create an image of Sugar which is suitable for inclusion on the Raspberry Pi organization's download page.

Goals of the project:

  1. Make a Raspbian image of the Sugar desktop environment which can be flashed on the SD card of the Raspberry Pi. An “image” in this case is an array of data blocks for a micro SD card which will contain a partition table, a boot and root filesystem specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi.

  2. Document the whole process and publish a script showing how others can make the image themselves.

  3. Ensure all the activities work well or are removed from the image.

  4. List the Raspbian Sugar desktop image on Raspberry Pi Foundation's downloads page.



Rishabh Thaney


  • Abhijit Patel
  • Hrishi Patel