This project proposes to develop a control-systems package for R. For many years, R has been used extensively for several data-related tasks. With the growing popularity of the language, I believe it could perform better with greater diversification. Diversifying R to serve large applied scientific fields would boost the language's overall performance. The purpose of a control package for R is enable the present and future R community carry out the design, modeling and analysis of dynamic systems using control theory. Control theory is a branch of maths/engineering that deals with the modeling, design and analysis of dynamic systems including feedback systems. Applications are wide, ranging from electronics, process control, machine design, physiology, and economics to ecosystems, climate modeling, electrical power devices and systems, and several others. The transfer function and state-space systems are math representations of the dynamic system and would be explored significantly within the project. The object of this project is to create a control toolbox for R language based on RLabplus and submitting it to CRAN as a package. Testing and documentation are part of the scope.




  • Marijan Kostrun
  • Hans W Borchers