Since OODT consists of different components like file manager, resource manager and work flow manager, all those components have their own configuration files and locations. This is complex to manage and creates problems when the platform is distributed across servers or geographically. Therefore, the objective of this project is to migrate the OODT configuration to an optional zookeeper module so that the OODT components can register themselves in the zookeeper ensemble accordingly and maintain each component’s state regardless of the scale of the cluster. The proposed zookeeper module will minimize the manual configuration required when configuring OODT components. That is, this module will make use of the inherited configuration at component level. For example consider the file manager. Almost all the configurations of file manager instances are identical. Therefore, new file managers which are coming up later will inherit the configuration of the initial file managers and will almost remove the manual configuration required when adding new nodes to the cluster.


Imesha Sudasingha


  • Tom Barber