Currently, GNU Radio works on a local system (many times connected to a hardware). The display of GNU Radio is based on QT GUI framework. In addition to that, various input widgets of QT framework are used to interact with the ongoing simulations. The QT framework constrains the input/output operations from the system running the simulation.

In software development, the new paradigm is moving towards web based systems because of simple usability for the user and wide range of available frameworks for developers. In this project, an OOT module for web-based GUI is proposed for GNU Radio. The primary focus of the project will be a display mechanism which will be used to interact with ongoing simulation based on the parameters provided through interactive HTML inputs.

In the proposal, the focus is on the flow of the final OOT module and implementation details. The details of minute tasks like the arrangement of plots & widgets inside the output, the color, and labeling of the plots etc. have been intentionally left out but will be implemented taking gr-qtgui module as a guideline.



Kartik Patel


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