The main objective of my project is to expose functions that generate a Router from an API specification (based on an API specification standard like Swagger or RAML), to help dev teams building its services starting from a Web API specification. This method is called Design Driven Development.

The main idea is to implement an interface inside vertx-web like this:

DesignDrivenRouterFactory routerFactory = new SwaggerDesignDrivenRouterFactory("swagger.json");
routerFactory.addHandler(HttpMethod.POST, "/product", routingContext -> {
    // do stuffs with JsonObject routingContext.getBodyAsJson() !
Router router = routerFactory.router();

This interface enables developers to create a router based on his API specification without caring about request validation and parameters parsing and other things described in API specification. Also a base interface DesignDrivenRouterFactory will be created to enable Vert.X framework to support multiple specifications standards

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