Open Event Organizer is an Android Application for Event Organizers and Entry Managers. It is a client side application for another project under FOSSASIA named Open Event Organizer Server.

The core features implemented in the app are:

  • Scan a QR code to validate an attendee's check-in
  • Overview of Sales
  • Ticket Management
  • Edit Basic Event Details
  • Offline Support to the above-mentioned features

The app is designed on the Model View Presenter Architecture which enables robust unit testing. Each feature implemented in the app has a complete coverage of unit tests. The app uses most of the modern open source technologies like ReactiveX API for multithreading, Dagger for dependency injection, OkHttp+Retrofit for handling network requests, Evernote's android-job for handling jobs in the background, JSON API-converter to handle JSON API schema responses, Google Vision API for scanning QR code, Glide for image loading/caching, Jackson to parse JSON data, Leakcanary to detect memory leaks, Lombok for logs, Mockito Framework for unit tests, DbFlow ORM database library, Data Binding etc. Material Design Guideline is followed for the UI in the app.





  • NiranjanRajendran
  • championswimmer
  • Nayana Adassuriya
  • Harshit D (the-dagger)
  • Manan Wason
  • Mario Behling
  • Victoria Bondarchuk