vulture is a tool which detects and reports dead (unused) code and coala is an automatic linter. The motivation of this proposal is to:

  • Extend vulture as an API which respects the Bear's Input Output method
  • Refactor VultureBear such as to use the new API - this would highly optimize it's performance.
  • Enhance python whitelist and making it default for every run.
  • Implement a method to acquire the source range of dead code - currently, only the beginning of the dead code is reported.
  • Revamp vulture's scavenging property by additional detection of the cases which render the code unreachable .
  • Implement a confidence value with results - this would be necessary when implementing auto removal, as we would need a proportion of surety or certainty with which we report dead code.



Rahul Jha [:RJ722]


  • Jendrik