The overall goal of the project is to create a Cytoscape app (CyGraphSpace) for syncing networks from Cytoscape to GraphSpace and vice-versa. Conceptually, the app will be similar to the CyNDEx app, which syncs Cytoscape networks with NDEx.

Currently, users can sync between Cytoscape and GraphSpace manually by following the given steps: Cytoscape to GraphSpace: First, export a network and its accompanying style file in Cytoscape to JSON files. Then upload these JSON files to GraphSpace using its web interface. GraphSpace to Cytoscape: Download a graph’s JSON and style JSON files from GraphSpace and then import these files into Cytoscape.

CyGraphSpace will allow users to upload graphs and their styles directly from Cytoscape to GraphSpace without manual intervention and saving of files thus enabling a Cytoscape user to seamlessly share their networks on the web via GraphSpace. A user can also quickly import GraphSpace graphs into Cytoscape, analyze them with other Cytoscape apps, possibly make modifications, and then re-upload them to GraphSpace. This project will also require creating a well-documented Java library that interfaces with the GraphSpace REST APIs.


Rishabh Sethi


  • Scooter Morris
  • Aditya Bharadwaj
  • T. M. Murali