DaRu (Data Analysis in RUby) is a library for storage, analysis, manipulation and visualisation of data. Currently it is doing good job for scientific usage(in IRuby notebook), but if user want to visualize some data for integration into existing web application, then Daru methods have to output result/chart/graph/datatable such a way that output is directly usable into web application (in html file). Also Daru must have better import/export technique so that new importers/exporters can be defined easily. Mostly modern web application will use NoSql database, that is easy to scale. It will be very useful if Daru can connect with relational or non-relational database and make query operations easy. This project aims to make Daru more powerful for web application to use it as data analysis and visualisation tool, by working on above issues.


Shekhar Prasad Rajak


  • Lokesh Sharma
  • Sameer Deshmukh