This project aims at making Anita, a tool for automated testing of NetBSD, modular, provide support for other virtual machine systems like GXemul and Virtualbox and support testing for as many releases/ports (like NetBSD/evbarm-earmv7hf etc.) as possible. This also includes building releases, testing them and debugging the system files (written in C) to make them work. Currently, Anita only has support for qemu (and experimental support for running NetBSD as Xen DomU). Unlike BSD, Linux has a kernel module known as KVM, which allows a user space program to utilize the hardware virtualization features of various processors and can be utilized by qemu to provide “KVM acceleration” when the target architecture is the same as host architecture. The lack of such support makes qemu really slow on NetBSD. Testing system installation on a wide variety of platforms is very crucial for any organisation that’s into OS business. It can be a frustrating task to do that manually, but, if neglected can be a make or break situation for the OS (adoption/marketing). Automated testing with Anita makes the job a cakewalk. Support for Xen and Virtualbox will further enhance the capabilities of Anita.



Utkarsh Anand


  • S.P. Zeidler
  • Christos Zoulas