WikiPathways is an open and collaborative platform for sharing biological pathway information. It features an interactive diagram that aids the user in understanding the pathway. However, the educational capabilities of these diagrams can be improved. Studies show that when information is given in steps, with dynamic visual aids, audience attention and understanding increases dramatically. Ideas presented graphically, as a “story", are far easier to comprehend and remember than static information. Thus, step-by-step presentations of pathway diagrams would dramatically enhance the educational capabilities of WikiPathways.

In this proposal, a new "Pathway Presenter" is outlined that will enable biologists to create dynamic presentations of the pathways in WIkiPathways. This will allow for the creation of succinct and easily comprehensible diagrams that can be shared and embedded across multiple platforms.




  • Egon Willighagen
  • Anders Riutta
  • Vishwesh Kulkarni
  • Alexander Pico