I propose developing a 3-D sidescroller with physics based gameplay to show off the rendering and physics engine of PySoy. The player has a crystal that allows them to switch gravity between the vectors (0, ,9.8, 0) and (0, -9.8, 0). This would be implemented using the soy.fields.Accelerate class. The player will progress through three levels, dodge enemies, and fight a final boss to win. The camera follows the player object by calculating the difference in the X values and each frame smoothly matching the camera’s X value to the player object.

I’d like to really show off what the engine can do graphically. Specifically, I would like to use the soy.bodies.mesh object to show more complex models then shape primitives. I would also like to use the triplanar material class soy.materials.triplanar to add more detail through bump and glow maps. In addition, I am developing a Blender add-on to export 3-D models from Blender into the custom PySoy mesh format.



Alexander Baselice


  • Gautham Nekkanti
  • Arc Riley
  • Dariel Kremov