Audio, video or data packets transmitted over a peer-connection can be lost, and experience varying amounts of network delay. Therefore, a web application like Jangouts, implementing WebRTC expects to monitor the performance of the underlying network and media pipeline. As a solution to this problem, I propose to integrate into Jangouts. is a SaaS service that helps WebRTC services detect and diagnose media and network quality issues. This project aims to give an option to companies and individuals deploying Jangouts to use this service in a user-friendly way. This task can be completed by sending WebRTC events and measurement data from the Jangouts application and the Janus media server in real-time to The idea is to integrate the REST API with the WebRTC components in Jangouts and Janus. The Jangouts app will send endpoint stats and Janus will send the stats related to the WebRTC gateway.



Bimalkant Lauhny


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