Diavgeia is the open governance initiative which forces greek public administrative units to publish their acts and decisions online.

This project aims to enhance Diavgeias' transparency in the following ways:

1.Through the use of the Bitcoin blockchain, we force government data to remain immutable. While decisions and actions are currently signed, citizens or even the government institutions, who do not own an immediate signed document (that is a short time after the document was uploaded), have no guarantee that this document was not altered some time after the upload. Thus, in order to limit the time span in which a document can be altered, Diavgeia is forced to store a log in Bitcoin Blockchain, at predefined time intervals.

  1. Limit hard disk space needs of Diavgeia by having decisions stored as RDF. Thus, Diavgeia a rdf-ontology and an on demand RDF to PDF converter is provided.

  2. Diavgeia links RDF decisions to other greek ontologies (such as legislation) and promotes Open Linked Data. Citizens and government institutions can explore decisions in an efficient way (through a SPARQL endpoint)


Themistoklis Beris


  • Panagiotis Kranidiotis
  • Theodoros Karounos
  • Dionysis Zindros