The anon-connection-wizard is a Python-clone of the Tor Launcher which aims at providing Tor users with a graphical instruction on configuring the Tor. This program is especially helpful for users who live in Tor-censored area. This is because those users can only connect to the Tor network with the help of other censorship circumvention tools which include but are not limited to Tor bridges, pluggable transports and other third party Internet censorship circumvention tools like Lantern and VPN.

The current implementation of the Tor Launcher heavily relies on the Tor Browser. Besides, the current instructions provided by the anon-connection-wizard and Tor launcher is not be clear enough for user to configure Tor correctly. Therefore I would like to implement and redesign the anon-connection-wizard. I hope that my work will help more people to connect to the Tor network efficiently and successfully.





  • Patrick Schleizer
  • sukhe