This project covers the development of a Tango Control’s Device Server(s) for the purpose of reading and configuring biometric signal sensors.

  • Phase I of the project consists of selecting which biometrics are to be measured. Eg: Pulsioximetry, Accelerometry, etc. The next step would be to survey the commercial sensors available, and select one, or more, according to criteria like: Budget, Programming libraries available, Documentation, Signal Preprocessing capability, etc. Multi-sensor devices should be preferred over several single-sensor devices.
  • Phase II consists of writing the Device Servers for the chosen devices, in Python, with abstraction and decoupling in mind. It would also entail looking into the possibility of interfacing these device servers to the existing Habitat Monitor and Health Monitor GUI.
  • Phase III covers improving the signal quality and, if time allows, performing some signal analysis. This phase is slightly flexible in that if sufficient preprocessing on the signals is done by the chosen devices themselves, more work can be done on the GUI and interfacing.

The project is part of the current studies on the simulation of an Astronaut’s Health Monitor system.




  • Mario Tambos
  • Antonio Del Mastro
  • Ambar Mehrotra