MIPv6 is the base standard from the IETF for IP based mobility management in wireless networks. The next generation mobility management schemes are mainly following the protocol stack of MIPv6. Until today ns-3 – which aims to replace the aging ns2 and its associated old-featured simulators – does not have even in its latest version a MIPv6 module that is fully compliant to the IETF specification. To fill this gap, I am going to implement a novel MIPv6 simulation model which can be integrated into ns-3. The project idea aims at testing the code in different network scenarios, containing different link layer technologies such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE. The current implementation of LTE does not have support of IPv6 in ns-3. So, the idea of testing MIPv6 code into LTE would follow IPv6 support implementation in LTE first and then the MIPv6 support. So, ns-3 researchers can benefit themselves with the addition of this feature. Thus, implementation of MIPv6 in ns-3 as the base mobility management solution and providing LTE support within it could help the current network researchers working on ns-3.


Manoj Kumar Rana


  • Tommaso Pecorella