The ability to easily handle advertisements in phpBB is often requested. Latest pool for next official extension results in Advertisement Management being tightly at the second position, while it’s extension request topic is far more active (with 126 replies and almost 8000 views) than pool’s winner Paypal Donations (which already exists). EXreaction’s modification is 9th most downloaded MOD with more than 66000 downloads. Clearly, there is a big demand for this extension.

My goal will be creating an advertisement management extension that allows admins to add HTML/JS advertisement code to number of locations in the template. If time allows, many additional features will be implemented, i.e. end date, hide ad for specific groups, adblocker friendly message, ad priority, views and clicks counting, ad owners, banner uploads, extensible and/or additional template locations and PHP event hooks for other extensions to further enhance usage experience.



Jakub Senko


  • Matt Friedman
  • Derk Ruitenbeek