In this project I wish to develop a Mobile App for Mind The Word . I would be using Apache’s Cordova for developing the hybrid app as it would be easy to maintain and develop a cross platform app. Since the browser such as Chrome (for Android and iOS) do not support extensions, MTW cannot be implemented directly.In order to use our app, a user has 3 options.

  • In the browser (e.g. chrome) , the user can choose to share the current page and then in the sharing options popup menu , the user can select MTW .
  • The user can also copy the url to clipboard. Then as the user opens MTW App , a notification is shown at the bottom of the app with a message such as 'Open the copied url webpage ? ' .
  • The user can manually enter the url in the address bar of MTW App.

Any of the above 3 options, opens the InAppBrowser inside the MTW App and the mtw script is injected in webpage.The MTW App would include almost all the options (such as blacklist words, save learnt words etc ) available in the web extension.


Partho Sarthi


  • Rohan Katyal
  • ankit_m
  • Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo