InterMine constitutes a data warehouse framework, which provides the ability to access, retrieve and analyze rapidly a variety of biological data ( With intuitive tools, like targeted searches, customized queries, and predefined templates which incorporate popular queries for specific type of biological data, InterMine attempts to facilitate access, retrieval and analysis heterogeneous biological information. Aiming to expand the functionality of InterMine framework, an R package, InterMineR, has been developed that provides access to InterMine instances through the R programming environment ( However, for InterMine resources to be fully exploited with R language, it is necessary to develop detailed, easy-to-access tutorials, that demonstrate the integration of InterMineR in routine R bioinformatics analyses. In the context of Google Summer of Code program, this proposal describes in detail the steps that can be followed in order to 1) create detailed, bioinformatics R demos for InterMineR, 2) expand the functionality of InterMineR by integrating enrichment analysis, and 3) publish InterMineR to CRAN and Bioconductor.


Konstantinos Kyritsis


  • Julie Sullivan
  • Rachel Lyne