The task is to develop a webapp for generating custom Linux Operating System. This webapp will guide one through a Graphical User Interface to get an ISO image of the Linux Distro on its email within 10 minutes without actually to code a single line. The Distro is based on Meilix(lubuntu based) zesty 17.04 out of the box.

The project focuses on creating:

  • An autonomous webapp to build the custom Meilix distro and deploy the ISO image as a Github Release.
  • Notifying user by email about the build process with the download link to download the ISO image.
  • Writing scripts to provide to provide a fast, lightweight and customisable Linux distribution
  • To modify the distro by upload of a picture, an URL and an event-name.
  • The uploaded image will be set as a default desktop wallpaper, and the URL will be set as the homepage of the browser.



Harsh Lathwal


  • Hon Nguyen
  • Andreas Tille
  • Truc Le
  • AndrĂ© Rebentisch
  • Nicco Kunzmann
  • Yao Wei
  • Mario Behling
  • Ko Ko Ye`