CentiScaPe is a Cytoscape application used to calculate a number of different node centralities of an optionally weighted network, both directed and undirected, as well as plot the results by using real and normalized values in different plots. Several centrality measures are available: degree, average shortest path, eccentricity, closeness, betweenness, centroid, stress, radiality, eigenvector, edge betweenness, bridging centrality, etc.

This project aims to implement a brand new centrality measure based on Shannon entropy called Network Quantity Information. This measure aims to quantify the entropy of a given network, by firstly calculating the entropy of its nodes and edges which can then be observed as a type of centrality measure. Once all the node and edge centralities are obtained, we can derive from them the complexity of the whole network, which provides us not only with an interesting “one-value” description of the network, but also gives us the ability to compare multiple networks, or multiple parts of the same network.


Ivan Bestvina


  • Giovanni Scardoni