Search_API_Location module provides the geospatial search experience to Drupal. Geo-spatial search mainly refers to searching data that is associated with a particular location. Queries such as give me all the restaurants that serves meat within 20 miles from me, or create a distance heat map of them are example of spatial search. Here, some live websites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor , yelp, olx etc use Geospatial searching functionality with different type of features which are still missing in Drupal domain.

As we know location based search is slowly becoming popular and a must have for any content website in the recent era, Drupal 8 needs to have a drop-in solution for geospatial search. Right now there are some alpha modules existing but these modules need some serious investment for it to become production ready. As well as it should support both Apache solr and MySql server as backend for indexing location data.

Search_API_Location module is an extension for Search_API module and it mainly does two things

  • Adds support for indexing location values
  • Helps in filtering and sorting location values



Dibyajyoti Panda


  • Nick Veenhof