I would like to contribute by adding Greek support for Eczar, including polytonic, for all 5 weights.

Eczar is designed by Vaibhav Singh, produced by David Březina, and published by Rosetta Type Foundry - [https://github.com/rosettatype/Eczar] [https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Eczar].

As a typeface, Eczar has a strong personality, with five weights from Regular to Extra-Bold and can be used to set text from body copy to display. At the moment, only six Serif fonts that support Greek are available from Google Fonts and –in my opinion– do not provide this flexibility. Eczar already supports Latin and Devanagari. Devanagari are designed with an axis mirrored in relation to the Latin. This is a significant start regarding the addition of Greek glyphs, since one has a glimpse of the designer’s original aesthetics and design intentions; it also provides a good basis for certain letterforms that could be transferred into the Greek design, rendering a balanced outcome for all the supported scripts.


Emilios Theofanou


  • Alexios Zavras (zvr)
  • Diomidis Spinellis
  • Irene Vlachou