Bot for Publiclab

Being an active and welcoming open source community, Publiclab requires a chatbot for a variety of purposes, including the automation of some critical but uninteresting jobs.

Some examples include:

  • Normal chatbot functionality (greeting new users, fetching some important data real quick, etc) (can be expanded to add features as and when required)
  • Gitter-IRC sync (currently being handled by matrixbot)
  • Automated PR reviews (currently being handled by dangerbot) (let's keep in mind that our solution would be very specific to our needs and highly extensible. Also, as it comes as a 'service' among many handled by the bot, it would fit in perfectly with all our other features)
  • Automated reviews for critical documents on the Publiclab website (would need more information for this)
  • Keeping track of open issues/assigned issues etc. (this would allow a user to say, print out all the current fto issues right in the chatroom, or maybe print out all the issues some other user is assigned to) (all these can be ideally done using Github's interface, but sometimes you need to demonstrate something and this may come in handy in such situations)



Ujjwal Sharma


  • Liz Barry
  • Jeffrey Warren
  • ananyo
  • David Days