The HUES platform is a set of open source computational resources that support distributed energy systems (DES) design and control. It provides models to simulate and optimize energy systems, as well as modelling tool to design and optimize these energy systems.

A GIS interface for the energy hubs and the related network definitions would help to understand and visualize the spatial aspects related to effectively develop an energy hub configuration. Parameters like placement of hubs and their interconnections can be done through this GIS interface (QGIS plugin), which would enable to effectively describe and compare one configuration with the other.

This project would provide the researchers with a GUI based tool for creating their network configuration along with the type of energy technologies to be used and connect these entities together, and thus finally simulate and analyze the results. This plugin would be utilizing a python based energy hub modelling environment (Modular Energy Hub Modelling Framework), which would help in modelling energy systems and perform optimizations and simulations on the energy network configuration created using the plugin.


Rachit Kansal


  • Georgios Mavromatidis
  • bmorvaj
  • Julien Marquant