Origami aims to provide Artificial Intelligence as a Service. Presently, deep learning is a very interesting field. However, the issue arises when someone has to setup someone else's code on their machine. Origami aims at solving that problem by allowing researchers to quickly create a demo of their implementation for the world to see. This serves a twofold purpose. It lets other users see if a particular implementation solves their purpose while also serving as a 'portfolio' for the researchers.

By the end of the summer, users will be able to search for various demos published by various researchers and thus be able to find an implementation that suits their needs the best. Additionally, Origami will also support REST APIs. This will allow Origami to be used to provide some infrastructure for chat bots which can then be integrated with Slack, Facebook, etc. Origami will also be integrated with EvalAI to allow users to compare their implementation with that of their competitors. Finally, Origami will support other features such as allowing users to upload to/from Dropbox, releasing anonymous demos, a better CMS and predefined templates to create apps to name a few.



Avais Pagarkar


  • Harsh Agrawal
  • tocttou